PS- Latest Apps that I like

PS- Wunderground for Weather (thanks to Matthew W.) Cool features.


Another weather favorite is Apple’s iPhone Weather, as they are the only ones who have some of the obscure places that beloved family members visit in NZ!


What are your favorites?


Useful book for Teachers and Librarians

I’m recommending Nicole Hennig’s Apps for Librarians: Using the Best Mobile Technology to Educate, Create, and Engage. She details the developer, version, platform, price, explanation of how it works and what it does, Audience, Examples, and Other Apps Worth Trying on several apps in several categories. The chapters include Apps for Research and Reference, Apps for Taking Notes and Writing, Apps for Communication, Apps for Reading, and many more. Because a book like this might have a short shelf-life (ha!) she also has a website in which she writes about the changes made in some of the apps since the book was written. And she has a newsletter!

Check this all out if you’re a teacher librarian, a teacher, or a student and you love apps.