Latest Apps that I like

Check out StoryCorps. You can record stories from loved ones and save them yourself or save them in the Library of Congress! Super easy! Living history! They give you prompts and everything. Could. not. be. easier.


Daily Wonder. Based on the book. Gives you an inspiring quote every day. Some great, some good.


Voter– who should I vote for? Start thinking about this now. Easy to swipe right or left depending on your answer to an opinion question: e.g., Drill for oil and gas in the US? If you need more info, press the “i.” It not only gives you more info, it tells you why you should vote yes and why you should vote no. You may also say how much the question matters to you- a Lil Bit, Normal, or Very. After you answer the questions, tinder-style, they tell you which US Presidential-candidate you match up best with.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.17.59 PM


Cash. How to split the dinner bill using your phone. Easy! Thanks Maria P.!


PromptSmart. Ok the upgraded version costs almost $12 and this is a ridiculous amount to pay for an app. But…I did and I am SO GLAD! Upload your speech to your device or type it right on your device. The text of your speech will now scroll at your predetermined pace as you give your speech at that big gathering. OR, you can set it to scroll as the app listens to you and it knows automatically when to scroll. No printer needed! No turning pages. Absolutely worth it!






Fresno and Libraries

Fresno, you’re doing great and interesting things, library-wise.


From the Fresno Bee, “Two Central High School East librarians were honored with the Nutrition Educator Award in Anaheim on Jan. 15 as part of a statewide nutrition education contest. Christina Flores and Janet Wile were honored at the Astor Classics Event Center in Anaheim and also won $500 for Central Unified’s “Athletes as Readers and Leaders” program, which promotes healthy eating habits.

As part of this program, which is in its eighth year,  high school students visit elementary school each Friday to read books about healthy eating to kindergarten to third-grade classes.” (Feb. 14, 2016)

Congratulations to Ms. Flores, Ms. Wile, Central East student athletes, and Central Unified!


Also from the Feb. 14, 2016 Fresno Bee:

The Fresno County Public Library has partnered with Career Online High School for a program offering accredited high school diplomas specifically designed for adults. or call 559.600.7323.







A Big Yawn but interesting to me


Ok, this has to rank as the most mundane (AKA boring) topic anyone has ever written or read about with the exclusion of our dentist friends, but here goes: last week my dentist told me I had a little bit of a cross bite. Then I told her, it’s funny that years of braces didn’t take care of that. And she said, “Sigh.” Then she said a person can have several “bites.” And I said, “OMG. I am closer to 60 than I am to 16 and I am JUST now hearing about this?” She said, “Oh yes, sometimes you bite down and that’s one bite, then  your teeth move a little bit as they settle in and that’s another, then, you start worry about having the right bite, and lo and behold they move into yet another position. So you don’t really have one “bite” like some people do, but it’s not uncommon.”

Just like being at the eye doctor and when he said, “Which lens is better- #1 or #2?” and you think there’s a right answer! I had thought that everyone else in the world just chomped their teeth together and voila! That was it. What was wrong with my mobile mouth? Nothing it turns out.

Further validation. Again at the dentist. The assistant said, “Well how does that tooth feel (the temporary crown)? Can you bite ok?” Uh. Fine. “Ok, let’s get you sitting up straight and have you bite again because your bite sitting up is different than your bite when you’re leaning back.” So there! One less thing to worry about- a plethora of bites is AOK!




Martin Luther King, Jr. was an eloquent person. (see photo below at CSU Fresno campus) I admire him so and wonder where he’d be and what he’d be doing were he alive today…


I mean, have you heard any speakers lately use the word “elegy”?

Thank you for your work with humanity, Dr. King.

On a related matter, I just read about Americanization schools for Hispanic students in California and the southwest in the first part of the 1900s in Pam Munoz Ryan’s excellent book Echo (It’s one of three historical fiction type related stories that comprise the book). Who knew? I have known about Brown v. Board of Education for years, but somehow missed the story that led to Mendez v. Westminster. You can read about it here: .

Computers are a tool, not a reward

We are almost (almost!) at the point where teachers can have a set of tablets in the classroom or bring their students to the library computers and have it be like a normal lesson. Almost. When computers were first introduced at school, there were so few they often only got used as game rewards or working on skill building. Now that we have more computers, teachers can expect students to view them as a tool for the lesson. It used to happen that teachers would book the library computer lab for a few sessions for “those students who don’t have a computer at home so that they can get the assignment done.” Then what would the others do? Waste time. But now, thanks to my district buying many computer tablets, the novelty of “oh we have computers today in our lesson, time for fun and games” has almost worn off in our school. The lesson that I hope finally sinks in is- when we’re at school we need to work during class time- whether that class time is in the library or in the classroom – whether the lesson involves pencil and paper or computers. Teacher have been working hard to make computers a part of everyday lessons.


They’ve also been very cognizant of students who don’t have computers at home and making sure they have time to visit the school or public library to use a computer. Many students have phones and teachers are encouraging students to use apps on their phones such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Our library has a few tablets for check out as well.



Touch ID is the best thing ever and Siri commands

I am thrilled right down to my bones whenever I use/ find  an app that uses Touch ID to sign in instead of a Username and Password. Kudos to my local credit union (EECU) and Mint and LastPass and Dropbox and Evernote, etc. Why don’t the rest of the apps get on this bandwagon? See more below.

appsusingtouchidimage from:

And on a barely related topic- here’s what Siri can do for you –

Notes Apps- which is best?

We have two and a half wonderful notes apps to choose from in our digital lives. (three and a half if you count LiveBinders) I have been researching many apps for my CSLA Workshop on “The Digital Magic of Organizational Tools for Diverse Users.” For taking notes and more, I really like OneNote, Evernote, and Google Keep. The half I refer to is Google Keep. Google Keep has everything the other two have except notebooks, which is practically a dealbreaker, but it was not meant to be a “notebook” type app, so that is fine. I prefer OneNote’s organization of notebooks, sections, and pages. Evernote only has notebooks and notes (pages). But they are both super easy to use and very easily searchable. I wonder which one others prefer?