The sweetest sound in the world: your name

Dear teachers who don’t even bother saying my name: TEACHER: Um, who is this? I can’t pronounce your name, umm Z-A-I-N-A-B…. ME: [Raises hand] Um, it’s Zain-ub. TEACHER: It’s too hard. I’ll just point to you from now on. This actually happened — a teacher refused to even try to say my name. The funny…

via Open Letters: An Open Letter to People Who Don’t Say My Name by Zainab Hussain — McSweeney’s



Martin Luther King, Jr. was an eloquent person. (see photo below at CSU Fresno campus) I admire him so and wonder where he’d be and what he’d be doing were he alive today…


I mean, have you heard any speakers lately use the word “elegy”?

Thank you for your work with humanity, Dr. King.

On a related matter, I just read about Americanization schools for Hispanic students in California and the southwest in the first part of the 1900s in Pam Munoz Ryan’s excellent book Echo (It’s one of three historical fiction type related stories that comprise the book). Who knew? I have known about Brown v. Board of Education for years, but somehow missed the story that led to Mendez v. Westminster. You can read about it here: .