Students and Social Media Content Creation

10 Great Ways to Use Social Media in Classroom When you try to think of the favorite activity of today’s students, you’ll most probably come up with the obvious answer: social media. It seems like students of all ages are obsessed by it. These social media channels have mesmerizing power, so they can often become…

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Castle gives practical, logical, easy suggestions to try with your students. These ideas can not only familiarize them with social media tools from a “professional” perspective, they’ll also learn digital citizenship, and begin developing a positive digital tattoo.  Castle’s blog post is a good complement to a workshop I led recently at #CUE16 in Palm Springs,”25 Examples of Students as Social Media Content Creators K – Adult”  In this slide show you’ll see examples of teachers implementing some of Castle’s suggestions. If you’re able to implement any of Castle’s ideas, you’ll see student engagement soar! Here’s an example with Dr. Brad Gustafson, “Pedagogy First”  

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Internet Librarian 2014 Conference in October

I highly recommend the Internet Librarian conference. It takes place every October in Monterey. This year is it October 27 – 29. There is a strand for school librarians called Internet@Schools Track for only $99, going from Oct. 27 – 28. It is chock full of great speakers. You’ll get lots of ideas and meet many fascinating school librarians. It is such a bargain!

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