Who knew? A better way to extinguish a candle

If you take a paperclip and push the burning wick into its own wax then pull it up again, you get none of that smoke and smoke smell that you usually do when you blow out a candle. Some may claim this is a solution in search of a problem but not me.




Bicycling in 2014

It is a joy and a pleasure to ride a bike in Fresno- most of the time- here are some thoughts…

OK Fresno, time to get those bike sensors in the roads of every intersection in Fresno, so we don’t have to go over and push the button so the light will change. Hello. We are not pedestrians.

Also, please add a few more bike lanes – or those cool double arrows with bikes graphics that mean- the bike can take up the whole lane if they need to– cars – wait your turn behind them. Thank you Seattle, for the example in the photo below:


This being 2014, why are bike racks still a bit problematic to attach to a car? Can someone please invent something easier? Thank you

bike rack on car