The World’s Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne

This is a fun and funny book about a (possibly former) Mormon with Tourette Syndrome who is a public library librarian in Salt Lake City. But he also has his more serious moments of describing how wonderful libraries are:

“…a good library’s existence is a potential step forward for a community. If hate and fear have ignorance at their core, maybe the library can curb their effects, if only by offering ideas and neutrality. It’s a safe pace to explore, to meet with other minds, to touch other centuries, religions, races, and learn what you truly think about the world.” (p. 213)




fuyu fuyu2Fuyus

If you’ve never had a fuyu, you should try one. They are the best ever. Don’t get the regular kind of apple-shaped persimmon, get the shorter, squatter ones called “fuyu.” I am wondering if my skin will turn orange soon because I eat so many. Probably not, as the end of the season is approaching. (sometimes they do have seeds, unlike the photo above, but you can just slice off the non-seed outside edges and eat those)