Bloom’s New Taxonomy




Melvil Dui

We who use libraries owe a lot to Melville Dewey, or, as he preferred to write his name, to save time, Melvil Dui.
He came up with a good organization system for the books in the library. Before his Dewey Decimal system was used, there were about 257 public library branches in the US. This was 1875. Then his system started being used. By 1900 there were 5000 public libraries! All because Mr. Dewey came up with a classification system that made sense. Before that there were all kinds of “systems”- including just putting the newest book on the next available spot on the shelf, or arranging by color or size. I learned about Dewey and a few other folks in America’s Obsessives: The Compulsive Energy That Built a Nation by Joshua Kendall.