What’s more important: equity, ethics, or literacy?

This question was recently posed in my online class about online learning.

Of course, the answer is yes. Here’s part of my answer and I think every school district should follow Kent’s example:

I admire Mr. Hall and the Kent School District. They have a multifaceted approach to striving for technology access in their district. These strategies include getting older, but working computers to district households, creating a technology academy with a student body that represents the entire district, creating a Student Technology Advisory Board, partnering with community groups such as the African-American Cultural Center, and engaging the district families with technology training programs (Hall, 2006, p. 16 – 18). The district is casting such a wide net in terms of technology equity, that they are bound to succeed at some level with many constituents. This program is remarkable and other districts should consider emulating it.


Hall, D. (2006). Bridging the gap: Strategies for creating equitable learning
opportunities. Learning & Leading with Technology, 33(7), 15-18.



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