Blended Learning for Today’s Classroom

If you want practical, down-to-earth, field-tested, user-friendly methods, tips, hints, suggestions, lessons, questions, and ideas about how to incorporate blended learning into your classroom, look No Further than Catlin Tucker’s Blended Learning in Grades 4 – 12: Leveraging the Power of Technology to Create Student-Centered Classrooms. Read this book to help you get started. Tucker has answers for every eventuality, examples of resources she actually uses, and clear explanations of how and what to do.

Why should you use blended learning in your classes? If you feel that you have too much to teach and not enough time to teach it, let the internet be an extension of your classroom. If you’re looking to engage your students, try Tucker’s ideas. If you need to differentiate instruction and personalize learning, buy this book.

It’s an easy read chock full of examples, resources, and explanations. Common Core Standards are woven throughout the book. You’ll understand how to blend your classroom using the Common Core Standards.

Ms. Tucker’s benefits of the Blended Learning Model: save time, save money, spend less time grading, spend more time in class doing what you love, increase one-on-one interactions with students, give students opportunities to practices standardized exams online, facilitate group work that works, communicate more effectively with all students, build community and relationships, and have fun.

Who doesn’t want all that?


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