Wonder Product: Noodle Tools – use it for RESEARCH

cloud-based- check

collaborative- check

user-friendly – check

Noodle Tools – http://noodletools.com/tools/index.php

A powerful, integrated platform for research & literacy

NoodleTools is your instructional partner for differentiated teaching of literacy skills, critical analysis, sound reasoning, and collaborative group research.

Bibliography, Notecards, share with others- including your teacher!

Nicely priced!


What content shall I put on my site?

Do you have a school library webpage? website? Melissa Purcell (in Library Media Connection May/ June 2013, p. 52 to 53) recommends the following ideas for content: General Library News, Updates, Feedback, Resources and Services, Media Staff Updates, Book Discussions, Book Promotions, Patron Highlights, A Virtual Tour, and Support. Thanks for the ideas Ms. Purcell. Here’s a link to her helpful book, The Networked Library
A Guide for the Educational Use of Social Networking Sites: http://www.abc-clio.com/product.aspx?isbn=1-58683-545-9